Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aiden is 5 months! I know I said that I would keep this up. I know I am a slacker! But so much has been going on. Aiden is 5 months old and has quite a little personallity. He is eating food now which has been quite an adventure. I am still set that he will be a swimmer, track runner, or a soccer player because his legs NEVER stop kicking!!!! He is trying really hard to crawl...he will put his head down and pull his legs in and push forward. He doesn't get far but he is sure trying! We got pictures taken for his 4 months. The photographer thought he was such a doll!!!

He LOVES playing in his jumper and flying HAHA.

He is doing really good at sitting up by himself. He is just working on the balance from side to side and not getting so excited that he throws himself backwards! Aiden also LOVES bath time...he could be fussy and as soon as he hits that water, he is an angel!

Otherwise, we are just keeping busy and enjoying the last few weeks of summer before the cold weather comes. Nathan's brother, Brian, is heading home from Alaska. He has been in the Army and has served his time and ready to come home. We are both very excited for Aiden to meet his uncle. We hope to get a couple of camping trips in before the end of the summer with the whole family =) That's all for now...I will be sure to update again soon!!