Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

This was such a wonderful time to have Easter! Aiden thought everything was so exciting and STILL asks me to "color eggs mommy" haha. He really caught on to the whole idea of Easter very quickly and was so animated...although, he spent most of his egg coloring time in deep concentration LOL

My good friend Kristen and her 3 year old son came down from Seattle area to be here for my shower. The boys had lots of fun together! After the boys were done coloring eggs, their hands were completely colored and Aiden kept asking me to "clean hands". So we put the boys in the bath...they are too cute!!!!

The next morning they got their Easter baskets! Aiden got a couple new movies, books, some new undies, a McQueen towel and a couple little toys. He was SO excited about his firetruck basket too...I would say he was more excited for that then anything else LOL

Then it was outside to find eggs! It was a bit chilly still, but not raining so we took advantage of the opportunity. Aiden did awesome and had so much fun shaking the eggs!!!

After all the fun, the boys played with their new goodies inside. I saw that Aiden had kept one of his eggs from the hunt. They were filled with about 5 jelly beans, just enough to make a little noise. Well, that little boy is quite smart and figured out how to open the egg and as soon as he saw the treats, he QUICKLY grabbed them all and shoved them right into his mouth LOL

We had a great time with our friends and a fun "first" Easter!!!!

Baby shower!!

I had the most wonderful baby shower on Saturday! I had wonderful family and friends attend and we enjoyed a nice afternoon (toddler free!) of food, games and of course gifts!! I received some super cute clothes and am SO excited to dress her up =-) I am so lucky to have such a wonderful support system around me...I even had a friend come from Seattle for the shower. Thank you to everyone that attended or sent something for Madison.

The diaper cake from Kristen =-)

My wonderful husband brought me home flowers. SO SWEET!

We are just SO excited to meet our little girl!!!!!!

The final countdown...

33 weeks!!! Time sure has gone by quickly! I have been doing well...wearing down for sure. All my weight gain has been directly in my belly LOL keeping up with Aiden is getting more and more difficult since bending down and getting up off the floor just doesn't agree with me =-) Him being potty trained sure has helped but it has added a bit of stress since my absentmindedness causes me to forget he hasn't gone potty in a while which leaves more opportunity for accidents. He really seems to understand the fact that his sissy is in mommy's belly getting big so she can come home. He will come up and pull at my shirt and say "my sissy in there?" which is adorable! He gives her lots of hugs and kisses too. We have been talking a lot with him lately about sissy coming out of mommy's belly and coming home to sleep at our house and that when sissy gets here that she is part of our family. It has helped that we have a few books about babies and family for him and he seems to associate them well and understand. It will be interesting how he really reacts when she is here!!!

Mini Nathan

Is there really anything more I can say?!?! Aiden is such a helper lately, and anything you do, eat or say, Aiden is right there wanting to do it too. He got his lawn mower for his birthday and asks to mow every time we go outside LOL

He even wants to help take pictures whenever he sees the camera...

His little personality keeps growing everyday!