Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Congrats to Chelsea and Cody!!!!

I was so lucky to be part of one of my best friends weddings on Saturday. Chelsea is an incredible person and has found a great man to be her husband. I am so happy for the two of them!!!! The wedding was beautiful...and I cried more then I wished. I didn't get many pictures but will hopefully be able to post some or the link once they get the pictures from their photographer after they return from their honeymoon in Aruba. Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Olson! =-)

Bed time

Every night, Aiden goes through the same bed time routine; however, the nights Nathan is home, we seem to get off track. Aiden will get through dinner, bath time, pj's and milk with no issues...but as soon as I say "time to go to bed Aiden, give daddy a kiss" we have a 10 minute delay. Aiden will instantly go to Nathan and cuddle with him or lay on his shoulder. He looks out the corner of his eye and as long as he can see me, he will not leave that position. But, if I get out of site, he will pick up his head or sit up and as soon as I come in the room, will go right back to cuddling with daddy. As frustrating as this may seem, it is actually my favorite part of Nathan being home. It shows me how much Aiden loves his daddy and what an awesome dad Nathan is to stop what he is doing and enjoy these 10 minutes of down time with Aiden. It is incredibly precious and I am slightly jealous that I don't get those moments. =-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Speghetti, Sprinkler and Popsicles

These days it seems that Aiden loves to eat anything that gets him messy...I guess I should be grateful he is eating I guess. He has always been a good eater and still is, just as long as he can feed it to himself. So, I have given up my attempts at keeping him clean during mealtimes. He eats in just a diaper and eats anything that he enjoys (of course, leaving the messiest for dinner so he can get a bath after). And I have to say, he is LOVING IT!!

He is also SO excited for summer activities. We take walks every morning before his nap, play out in the yard or park in the afternoon, and on the especially hot days, we play in the sprinkler and eat popsicles for a special treat. He is such a good little guy too...set down a towel or blanket and he will sit and eat his treat until it is all gone before getting up. =-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

And the words keep coming...

I know they say that when toddlers start talking it never ends, but I am absolutely amazed at how much Aiden has been talking the last few weeks, although, I am sure that only Nathan and I understand most of it! =-) Aiden enjoys trying to say what you are saying too...this is where it isn't clear what he is saying but you know he is saying whatever you just did. So, it is time that I start documenting the words/phrases that he has got down.

Aiden enjoys animals a lot. He has a few books with just animals that are always laying around and he loves for you to read them to him. He says:

dog (with the "woof woof" too lol)
peacock (don't know about this one)
pig (with a finger up his nose saying "oink oink")

We also started doing sign language with him after his birthday, so he is now using signs for:

more (speaks it too)
ball (speaks it too)
milk (speaks it too)
"all done" (speaks it too)
Baby (speaks it too)

Of course he knows "mama" and "dada" as well as:

Bye Bye
Uncle (although this is more of a noise then a word LOL)
Car (he LOVES cars!)
firetruck (I swear we did not push this one)
"See ya"

Those words are all frequent in the house. He has started trying to say helicopter, airplane, stroller, walk, keys, horse, and a few others. The words he uses don't sound like the actual words, but he knows what he is talking about and they do sound different LOL. I am so grateful to be home with Aiden and able to experience this exciting time with him!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegas baby!!

In June we were able to take a family vacation to Las Vegas to see my brother Trevor graduate high school! I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to attend all three of my siblings graduations (two in Vegas and one is SD) while living in well as I am SO proud of all of them for graduating!! We had lots of fun in the very warm weather and loved seeing family while we were there. We took Aiden to the pool for the first time. Give us a break...Eugene isn't warm enough to go swimming LOL He had lots of fun with dad, grandma, and Danny!

For Trevor's graduation present, Nathan really wanted to take him to the shooting range to shoot an AR, so we met Trevor and my step-dad Billy at the range. The pictures tell it all =-)

Although we had lots of fun, it was a sleepless trip. Aiden was NOT happy with the hotel idea and spent most of the day (and pretty much all night) letting us know! We were able to get a precious picture of him though =-)!