Thursday, October 2, 2008


It is amazing how quick the time is going by!!! Aiden is almost 6 1/2 months old, CRAZY! At his 6 month check up, he was 17 lbs. A healthy little man he is. He has been sitting up on his own except for the occational tip over. We have been giving him a sippy cup during dinner which he isn't quite sure what to do with other than chew on. I recently bought a new camera which should allow me to take better pictures and they are easier to upload also so hopefully there will be more frequent updates.

He has been eating like a pig too...the recommended amounts that I have heard are too small for him without a bottle. He has seemed to enjoy all veggies over fruits. He acts like the fruits are sour or something but veggies he isn't affected by. The best part about him getting older is that his needs are more obvious. We are working on signing with him, just the basics, but when the little one is tired, it is clear =)

And he is such a happy baby that LOVES playing!!! He also only chews on his binky. He was never a binky kid but now that he can hold on to it good, he loves to chew on them.

As for us parents, life has been busy. Just working at getting the house completed (after all of the upgrades) and stay sane =) We are enjoying being parents more than ANYTHING!! We are excited for all the upcoming, we are planning a trip to San Diego which will be a blast!!!
That's all for now. I will keep everyone posted =)