Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our growing little girl!

An update on our precious little girl...Madison is now 10 1/2 months old!! She is gaining quite the personality. She crawls faster than any other kid I have met and tries to keep up with her big brother at all costs. She also LOVES to eat!! Not only her food but any food in her sight. When she was younger, she was actually quite a bit smaller than Aiden, but now she is almost outweighing him when he was her age haha!! She has been standing independently for about a month and a half and has taken a couple of steps. I thought she would have been walking already but she finds that crawling is so much easier. She has 8 teeth with more on their way. She has been sleeping through the night for several months now but I am happy to say she is now sleeping through the entire night and all her naps in her bed!!! =-) That was a huge challenge for us and she has far exceeded my expectations on success. We are working on transitioning to a sippy cup...she can drink out of them but she prefers the volume she gets from a bottle better, the cup comes too fast and she doesn't like it much. Last night she did drink 1/2 of her milk out of the cup so we are making progress. Lets hope she transitions well because the bottles are gone at a year!

She absolutely adores her brother and is a bigger cuddler then Aiden too. She is still just babbling, but does a great job of communicating her needs in her own way. She has some cute little quirks too. She insists to be naked after dinner. She also loves to put things (clothes, blankets, rugs) on her head which is TOO funny! And probably my favorite, when she starts to get tired, she will just stop what she is doing and lay down of the floor. PS - she is a thumb sucker too! (sorry, some of the pictures are off my phone)

How about that smile?? WE LOVE HER!!

Aiden is 3!!!

Our little man is 3!! I never knew time could move so quickly! I have no idea where the last three years seems like just yesterday we were changing diapers and being spit up on by him. Although it seems like forever ago that he was an easy little baby haha. As he gets older, the more opinionated he becomes. He is very smart and picks up on everything! He is will ask you to listen to him if he thinks you are not paying attention and gets frustrated with you if you don't understand him. He is fully potty trained during the day but still has accidents at night. He feels it is necessary to "fling" his undies off everytime he goes potty and will not go #2 with his potty seat on. He asks for particular items of food for meals. His favorites are pb&j's, Z-bars, mac & cheese, "nuggets and apple dippers from the diet coke place" (aka McDonalds haha) and any fruit he can get his hands on. He is more of a snack eater then a meal eater but is growing great!! At his 3 year check up, he weighed in at 31.5 lbs and is 33" tall. As far as his developmental progress he far exceeds expectations at his age. He enjoys running, jumping (especially off the couches), kicking balls, "golfing", and pretty much anything that involves being active. Although he doesn't clearly pronounce his "L's" he talks great and had a ton to say. He has been drinking out of big boy cups and is great at feeding himself at this point. He is such a joy in our lives and our family wouldn't be the same without his little personality in it =-)

For his birthday, we had a party at Bounce gymnastics (or as Aiden calls it "the trampoline place"). He had about 8 friends come and all the kids had a great time running around, jumping on the trampolines and being silly. Of course, having Madison crawling around and being a hostess, I didn't get pictures of the kids playing but here are a few of present opening:
I made the kiddos "dirt pudding" instead of cake and it was a hit!! And so were the gift you would think these kids had never been to a birthday party before! =-) And of course, the presents seemed to carry a theme...puzzles! He just LOVES puzzles. But I think the present he liked the best was his new Nerf gun. Yes, I know, he is only 3 and shouldn't be playing with "guns" but his friend Oliver from across the street has one and it is pretty much the only thing he plays with over there so Oliver & his sister Ava got Aiden his very own.

He also got presents from Great G&G Barnard in California. He loved his stickers (quickly took them all off the sheet and onto his shirt they went) Oh, and of course, had a big mouthful of animal crackers too =-) He also got some very handsome shirts!!
Such a big boy!!! =-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aiden!!!

Here is a video of us singing to him at his party this weekend. I also have a video here of Aiden's "walk" after he had his shot at his doctors appointment LOL so dramatic!!! I will post more pictures and a better update very soon!!