Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This may be a long one

It has been much too long since my last post but we have been enjoying some beautiful Oregon summer and have been on the go daily with little time at the house. So, I will attempt to update on all the excitement with this post and hopefully maintain it a little better from here on =-)

Aiden has been quite the character lately. He seems to grow up more and more every day! He has a funny personality and demeanor which makes each day exciting and sometimes difficult. I try and remember how lucky we are to have such a well behaved toddler but it is difficult when you are trying to tell him to stop doing something and he replies with "No mommy, you stop that right now". But I will say one thing for sure...he LOVES his little sister!!! She has him wrapped around his finger for sure. She barely makes a fuss and he tells us to "help sister" and if we are busy, he will do it himself. I don't think I could tell you how many times he has said "Mommy, sister needs binky" or "Madison is hungry, feed her mommy" LOL I am so happy that he is protective of her and look forward to watching their relationship as siblings grow! With all this nice weather, Aiden has gotten in lots of park time and working in the yard with daddy. He is so happy when he is outside I am sad to think of what winter will have in store for us...

Aiden at the park with Riley in the firetruck. What is so cute about this picture is that Riley's dad works with Nathan and very well could work as his captain when Nathan is an engineer (the way the boys are sitting would be the same if that were to happen lol).

We also took Aiden with us to our last dental cleanings so he could check it all out. He has been going with us since he was born but he got to "ride the chair" this time...he wasn't so sure at first but seemed to like it by the end!

I also have to share this funny story. Aiden loves to build things with his blocks. He tells me he is Bob the Builder lol!! Anyways, he is getting so smart (knows colors, shapes, numbers, letters, ect) but I am seeing things he does that are too much like Nathan and I...mostly OCD type things haha. The other night while I was doing dishes, he came and said "mommy come see. Aiden is Bob the Builder!" and this is what I found...

Yes, the blocks were lined up that neatly and he had put the color coordinated frogs on all by himself! It makes me such a proud mommy!

Madison is 3 months old already!!! We just got her monitors in the mail today so she will be sleeping in her own room tomorrow night =-) She is an awesome sleeper (just like her big brother was). She will eat around 9 or 10 and go right to sleep and not wake up until around 5 or 6 to eat. She will go back to sleep until around 8 when Aiden gets up so I can't complain! She also takes her longest nap when Aiden is napping so I can grab a break usually too =-) She is such a happy little one. She could sit for an hour at a time and just look all around as happy as can be! When she wakes up in the morning and I go get her up, she always greets me with a huge smile. She loves to watch her brother play and her eyes just light up when he is around. My bet is she will also be a thumb sucker since as soon as she loses her binky, she searches for her thumb. she has been sitting in her bumbo chair the last couple of days and really likes being able to see things from a new view.

She also started rolling from belly to back about a week and a half ago. And has already started to get her first tooth!!! She has been a drool factory lately but I didn't think she would really get teeth already but sure enough, she has a white bump just about to break through. =-) She loves to smile and I am so excited to see her smile with teeth lol

She still does a lot of sleeping so I should post a recent sleeping picture too =-)

Nathan and I are both doing well. I have been walking with the kids a lot and enjoying our short and sweet summer. Nathan has been working lots (as usual) and been putting up a new fence in our front yard. It's still in the works, but looks great so far!! Pictures will come soon =-)

This last weekend we spent an afternoon at the coast. My camera stopped working after just a few pictures so I will work on getting those soon too (which is why the photos on this post suck...they are from my cell phone LOL)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 weeks old already?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?! Madison is 6 weeks old?!?! Well, technically she is 5 1/2 weeks old ;-) Things have been going great! Time flies by for seems like we were just bringing her home. She is a wonderful and happy little baby. She is eating good and growing quick. Just like her brother, she is VERY strong! She holds her head up so well for being so young. She likes being on her tummy and stretching out. She has been such a good sleeper too!!! Usually she will sleep about 5 hours at a time at night before her first feeding (much needed block of sleep for mommy). Aiden has been SO good with her too. He is always concerned about sister and needs reassurance on her well being. For example, if we are leaving the house, he will get her carseat and say "Madison leave too." just to make sure that we don't forget her LOL! Or, if she is crying in the car, he will tell me to stop the car..."Madison needs binky mommy". He has made me smile so much the last few weeks. I am so happy that he has so much love for his new sister. As well, Madison is always checking out her brother. When he is playing around her, she will watch and track him wherever he goes. If she hears his voice, she will turn to him...I LOVE IT!!!! =-)

Pictures aren't taken nearly as much as with Aiden, but she sleeps a lot so what fun are sleeping baby pictures?! LOL However, a good friend of mine took some great photos of Madison a few weeks ago so I will post those. We are working on getting some family photo's done soon (just waiting for the sun to arrive haha).

PS - I love the pictures of the kids together...they melt my heart!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madison Joyce Kunasek

She is HERE!!!! Madison Joyce Kunasek was born on May 13th, 2010 at 6:05am! She weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 1/4 inches long...and she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

The labor and delivery went well and VERY fast...a total of 3 hours LOL!!!! And I am proud to say that I endured the whole thing with NO epidural! (Of course, there was NO time for the epidural so I didn't really have a choice, but I still did it!) The entire experience was so different then with Aiden, but it was just as incredible. She has been a great baby so far and we are just head over heals in love with her. She looks different than Aiden in many ways, but there are times I think they look very much the same. We will see as the days and months go on who she starts to look most like, but I am holding out hope that she looks more like me =-)

We were able to come home the day after she was born. Aiden came to the hospital with Nathan's mom so he could "help" bring sister home. Everytime he would see her, he got a big smile and couldn't wait to get closer. We went home as a family which was very important to me and Aiden enjoyed being part of the process. When we got home, he was very happy to have "sissy at Aiden's house" but when asked if he wanted to stay home with us or go stay at grandma's again, he opted to go back to grandma's LOL! It wasn't that he was upset, but just that he REALLY likes it at grandma's house!!! =-)

Heading home! Aiden kept a close watch to make sure Madison was okay =-)
Big Brother and Little Sister home together =-)

We are all happy to be home and settling in well! Madison has been eating and sleeping great and both Nathan and I are feeling good and rested...ready to be parents of two!!! Thank you everyone for your love and support through the pregnancy and these first couple of days home...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just hanging out

Not too much excitement in the Kunasek house lately...a couple of false labors and lots of playdates but otherwise pretty quiet around here. I am 38 weeks and patiently (for the most part) waiting for Madison's arrival. We have been talking to Aiden a lot getting him ready for her arrival...mostly getting him familiar with the idea that she will be a person living in the house just like Mommy, Daddy and Aiden. He still tells us that "sissy come to Aiden's house" but he seems ok with it =-) He has been very cautious with my ever growing belly and will randomly remind me that "sissy Mady is in there".

We have had some very nice weather lately which has been great for getting energy out of a 2 year old!! Lots of park visits with friends have allowed me to get a little exercise. When we have rainy days, we will lay low and watch movies. Aiden will now ask to watch specific movies and will usually sit and watch most of it with little distractions. This has really helped me to keep the house in order in case labor hits which I LOVE!

Nathan has been working quite a bit lately. Otherwise, he is doing the same old, same old...working on the yard, house and his fish tank =-)

Aiden has been speaking a LOT lately. Some days he seems to talk in complete sentences for the entire day which will blow Nathan and I away. Plus, he will bring up topics he wants to talk about or tell you about all the things he did that day (even if we just did them!) I finally got a video of him talking a little bit before he wanted to see the camera. Hopefully you can hear it well enough.

Hopefully my next post is to introduce Madison!! =-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

This was such a wonderful time to have Easter! Aiden thought everything was so exciting and STILL asks me to "color eggs mommy" haha. He really caught on to the whole idea of Easter very quickly and was so animated...although, he spent most of his egg coloring time in deep concentration LOL

My good friend Kristen and her 3 year old son came down from Seattle area to be here for my shower. The boys had lots of fun together! After the boys were done coloring eggs, their hands were completely colored and Aiden kept asking me to "clean hands". So we put the boys in the bath...they are too cute!!!!

The next morning they got their Easter baskets! Aiden got a couple new movies, books, some new undies, a McQueen towel and a couple little toys. He was SO excited about his firetruck basket too...I would say he was more excited for that then anything else LOL

Then it was outside to find eggs! It was a bit chilly still, but not raining so we took advantage of the opportunity. Aiden did awesome and had so much fun shaking the eggs!!!

After all the fun, the boys played with their new goodies inside. I saw that Aiden had kept one of his eggs from the hunt. They were filled with about 5 jelly beans, just enough to make a little noise. Well, that little boy is quite smart and figured out how to open the egg and as soon as he saw the treats, he QUICKLY grabbed them all and shoved them right into his mouth LOL

We had a great time with our friends and a fun "first" Easter!!!!

Baby shower!!

I had the most wonderful baby shower on Saturday! I had wonderful family and friends attend and we enjoyed a nice afternoon (toddler free!) of food, games and of course gifts!! I received some super cute clothes and am SO excited to dress her up =-) I am so lucky to have such a wonderful support system around me...I even had a friend come from Seattle for the shower. Thank you to everyone that attended or sent something for Madison.

The diaper cake from Kristen =-)

My wonderful husband brought me home flowers. SO SWEET!

We are just SO excited to meet our little girl!!!!!!

The final countdown...

33 weeks!!! Time sure has gone by quickly! I have been doing well...wearing down for sure. All my weight gain has been directly in my belly LOL keeping up with Aiden is getting more and more difficult since bending down and getting up off the floor just doesn't agree with me =-) Him being potty trained sure has helped but it has added a bit of stress since my absentmindedness causes me to forget he hasn't gone potty in a while which leaves more opportunity for accidents. He really seems to understand the fact that his sissy is in mommy's belly getting big so she can come home. He will come up and pull at my shirt and say "my sissy in there?" which is adorable! He gives her lots of hugs and kisses too. We have been talking a lot with him lately about sissy coming out of mommy's belly and coming home to sleep at our house and that when sissy gets here that she is part of our family. It has helped that we have a few books about babies and family for him and he seems to associate them well and understand. It will be interesting how he really reacts when she is here!!!

Mini Nathan

Is there really anything more I can say?!?! Aiden is such a helper lately, and anything you do, eat or say, Aiden is right there wanting to do it too. He got his lawn mower for his birthday and asks to mow every time we go outside LOL

He even wants to help take pictures whenever he sees the camera...

His little personality keeps growing everyday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aiden is 2!!

Today is Aiden's birthday!!!!! We had a very fun day hanging out as a family. We took Aiden to Build-a-Bear for the first time. We tried to get him as involved as possible, but if it were up to him, he would have gotten every bear/animal they had! We would ask if he liked something and he would say "yeah, ok". So we had to make some executive decisions. He was excited to help stuff the bear and put his heart in (his bear has two hearts LOL). He showed no interest in finding his bear an outfit to wear...he just cruised the store holding him, so we went with the default suggestion of making him a fireman bear. Aiden was excited but insisted the bear "needs boots Mommy" so that was his personal touch LOL. I didn't get a picture today, but I will be sure to post a picture of Aiden's/Mommy/Daddy's creation!!

After his (and Daddy's) nap, we spent the afternoon in the yard playing with his bubble blowing lawn mower, took a trip to Target to go shopping, visited the park and washed the car...Aiden is such a big helper!

After our fun afternoon, we had dinner and gave Aiden a piece of his Elmo cake (leftover from his party Saturday). He was VERY excited to make a mess of the cake but tried very hard to eat it with a fork. I have a video of us singing Happy Birthday on my phone but have to figure out how to get it onto the computer =-)

Tomorrow he has his doctor appointment and I am pretty sure he gets shots, but he usually does very good so lets hope tomorrow we can have just as much fun as we had today!