Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip to Portland

We recently (about 2 months ago by now) visited our good friends Chelsea and Cody in Portland where they live. They had bought a house last October and we still had not been able to make a trip up to visit as they are planning their wedding and we have a one year old! As always, we love to see them and were so excited to finally get together. Their home is beautiful!! The picture here is the cup we bought to get ice...since we have issues of leaving the house missing some essential items. Kinda hard to travel for the day with no milk or ice to keep it cold when you have a toddler. =-) Of course, he had to make sure there wasn't anything to drink in the cup too.

And after a long day traveling the streets of Portland and exploring some Fish stores, we started our 2 hour trip home...clearly Aiden was relaxing in his seat shortly before crashing to sleep for the rest of the trip LOL but now I can't upload photos due to an error on the site so I will work on posting them in just a bit.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching up!

It's been too long, I know! It's been quite the busy this will be long I am sure. Let's see, to start, I am now a stay at home mom!!!! After months of discussion and sleepless nights thinking about it, we have finally decided that it would be best for Aiden and our marriage for me to be home. Our lives are very crazy at times and never predictable. This left us feeling as if we were a divorced couple with a kid doing the "swap" of responsibilities and never getting a chance to slow down and be a family. This is not what we wanted for our family so it was time to make the change. I have been home for almost 2 weeks now and it is AMAZING how good it feels!!! Although, Nathan has been working a lot, we know that we will soon be able to enjoy trips and adventures as a family.

Now on to the fun stuff...Aiden is now 15 months old! He has quite the personality coming through too. He has a small vocabulary that keeps growing. He always says "bye" and blows kisses no matter who or where we are leaving lol. He says "dog" and will point but does not like getting too close. He is now only eating table foods and prefers to eat what we are eating then what was made for him. He is enjoying the sense of freedom he has now that he walks and we are working on allowing him to explore more of the world (even if it freaks me out!). He is also quite the helper around the house. Loves to help change the laundry, vacuum, and clean his highchair. We go to the drs soon for another check-up and I will update then.

I will post again with pictures off all our adventures lately...our home computer is quite slow so I need to work on that =-) Hope everyone is enjoying their Father's Day!!!!