Monday, March 22, 2010

Aiden is 2!!

Today is Aiden's birthday!!!!! We had a very fun day hanging out as a family. We took Aiden to Build-a-Bear for the first time. We tried to get him as involved as possible, but if it were up to him, he would have gotten every bear/animal they had! We would ask if he liked something and he would say "yeah, ok". So we had to make some executive decisions. He was excited to help stuff the bear and put his heart in (his bear has two hearts LOL). He showed no interest in finding his bear an outfit to wear...he just cruised the store holding him, so we went with the default suggestion of making him a fireman bear. Aiden was excited but insisted the bear "needs boots Mommy" so that was his personal touch LOL. I didn't get a picture today, but I will be sure to post a picture of Aiden's/Mommy/Daddy's creation!!

After his (and Daddy's) nap, we spent the afternoon in the yard playing with his bubble blowing lawn mower, took a trip to Target to go shopping, visited the park and washed the car...Aiden is such a big helper!

After our fun afternoon, we had dinner and gave Aiden a piece of his Elmo cake (leftover from his party Saturday). He was VERY excited to make a mess of the cake but tried very hard to eat it with a fork. I have a video of us singing Happy Birthday on my phone but have to figure out how to get it onto the computer =-)

Tomorrow he has his doctor appointment and I am pretty sure he gets shots, but he usually does very good so lets hope tomorrow we can have just as much fun as we had today!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New car

Check it out! Our new (used) 2006 VW Touareg =-) We are so happy with this purchase for our family! It is a very nice car and very well maintained. We can now easily fit both car seats, a large stroller (will accommodate our dbl stroller nicely) and still have plenty of space for all 4 of us. Aiden loves his new car...anytime he sees it, he says "Aiden nice car!" LOL He also lets everyone know where there seats are, including his sissy's seat HAHA

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aiden's 2nd birthday party!

Aiden's birthday is on Monday so we celebrated with his party today! We talked all day about Aiden's Elmo party and all the presents he would get...Aiden was SO excited for his party! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to enjoy the day with us. Obviously, a 2 year old doesn't care as much about his party then we do to have one for him =-) but we try and keep it simple and enjoy the day. Of course, the battery on my camera died before the end of the day, but at least I got some good photos. I didn't get any of Aiden and his friends, but I will try and get copies of the ones Nathan's grandpa got. We had the same person who made Aiden's cake last year do a cake again this year...she is INCREDIBLE!! She did her research and we allowed her to bring whatever she thought would make a cool Elmo cake...she ended up replicating the "Elmo's World" room from Sesame Street in the form of a cake with Elmo holding the two candles!!!!! The cake tasted delicious too!!!!

Aiden got lots of fun outdoor toys from everyone including a bubble making lawnmower! I was very excited because just that morning we saw a little boy pushing his lawnmower behind his dad and I said "we have GOT to get him one!!" He loves to watch Nathan mow the lawn!! He got a few bigger gifts from us...a McQueen chair and a plastic picnic table.

He also got a Power Wheel Harley from his Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, and Great Grandpa. Watching him cruise around the park on his new toy made me realize just how big he is getting!!!! He figured it out quick...still working on the steering, but he was having a blast!!

I didn't get the greatest pictures of us during the least nothing special, but we had a great day!!! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY AIDEN! We love you!!!

Aiden's boots

We have finally hit the age of which Aiden decides what he wants. So far, it has been mostly contained to food and play things; however, for the last week he has been insisting on wearing his fire boots EVERYWHERE! They are soft boots that are supposed to be for indoor wearing, but is it really worth the fight? Not to me! But I will draw the line on most occasions. Except last night =-) It was time for Aiden to go to bed when he says "my boots on Mommy!" I attempted to explain that it was time for bed and we don't wear boots to bed, but he kept on. Well, I figured what would it hurt, he needed to have his sheets washed today anyways, plus I figured that by the time he had to sleep, he would want them off. Well, when I checked on him before I went to bed, he STILL had the boots on and was fast asleep!! I was shocked! So I braved waking him up to take a picture...

It was totally worth it!!! This is the most priceless picture in my opinion. It describes Aiden to a T right now. Every night I hear him tell Elmo "close eyes Elmo on McQueen pillow" and he lets Elmo sleep on his pillow. He still sleeps all over the place so his position isn't all that surprising LOL and of course, THE BOOTS! And believe it or not, he woke up this morning with his boots still on! =-) I LOVE THIS KID!