Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunshine in Oregon

We have been experiencing some beautiful weather the last couple of days which has been wonderful with such an active little guy! I think this picture is such a good one to describe his ever growing personality. He has moments of complete insanity in his playfulness...he will literally walk in circles laughing at times! He has really started enjoying his independence. He prefers walking rather than being held and usually will only eat if he can feed it to himself.

He has also started playing more independently then he used to. There are times where I will be folding laundry in the living room and I will turn around and he will be sitting alone in the hallway looking through a book or playing with a toy.
Recently, Aiden has been on a roll learning and maintaining new habits. He will click his tounge anytime you ask if he wants food or milk, give kisses and wave goodbye when you leave, clap anytime anyone around is clapping, laugh this amazingly cute fake laugh when others around him are laughing, and has finally started standing up without the assistance of an item to pull up on. He is growing SO fast!!!
And to share the best news...I have finally quit my job to be a stay at home mom. For those that knew, I was supposed to go part time when Aiden was 1 but my employer could not offer my position part time. I have continued to work full time despite the hardship on our family, but we are finally at a place where it is reasonable for me to be home. We are very excited for this change (and just a little worried). I have about 6 more weeks of work...let the countdown begin!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Parks and Haircuts

YAY!! Aiden has finally made it to the park!! He really thought it was the coolest ever. He really enjoyed digging through the sand and finding the smallest little sticks to hand to mom and dad. But above all, he loved the SLIDE. He could go down that thing a million times and still be ready to go again LOL! Of course, he is not quite ready to go down by himself, so we assisted which made for some tired parents. There are more pictures and a video that are on the other computer...I will attempt to get to those soon.

After looking at all his fun park pictures, I realized just how out of control his hair is!!! I have been attached as I really expected to have bald babies, but after cleaning food out of his hair on a regular basis, I knew something needed to be done. Sad as it is, I even "phoned a friend" for support!! =-) So, we did it...we took a one inch clipper to his lovely locks and they are gone! I had trouble for the first couple days, wondering if I was going to regret it, but I am SO happy we did it! He looks so cute and so much like a little boy! And we can even spike it into a little mohawk HAHA
You tell me...what looks better...
I will post again soon...everything is going well, everyone is feeling well, and we are looking forward to an exciting and fun summer!!!