Monday, December 22, 2008

More teeth...

When Aiden got his first couple of teeth, he didn't seem to be phased by it and I was very excited that he was getting, 6 teeth in, I am looking forward to when ALL his teeth are in!! Aiden just broke his 6th tooth over the weekend. He now has 3 bottom (middle and one on the right) and 3 top teeth (middle and one on the left). His top middle teeth took a long time to break the gums, so I am happy that the last one has finally broke through. He isn't so bad, he is just very needy. With so much going on this last week in preperation for Christmas, it has been tiring to have an uncomfortable baby. But, we are on the upside now! (Well, at least until the next tooth makes it's decent LOL)

Here are a few pictures of Aiden's first haircut!!

The 1st cut!
He kept trying to grab the comb

And a couple of Aiden pulling himself up to get into his toys...

He is clearly very proud of himself =) Well, I should get some work done...3 more days then San Diego!! YAY!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas already???

There has been lots of excitement around the house lately. With snow, Christmas and a trip to San Diego on Christmas Day (I know, we are crazy to fly on Christmas!) we have been quite the busy bunch. Luckily, since the weather restricts most from wanting to take time off in the winter, Nathan has been home much more then usual. And, we are so lucky to get to have both Thanksgiving AND Christmas with Nathan for Aiden's first holidays seeing as most holidays he is working.

Aiden has learned how to pull himself up on things without help. He doesn't have much to choose from so I am glad he was able to master it with what was available. He will hold onto our hands and stand with no help needed. He will also go from holding a hand or shoulder and then move to his jumper or the couch with limited falls. I am so proud of him! =) He is still doing the army crawl which he seems perfectly content with. He will get up on all fours but will plop right back down if he wants to get somewhere.

We also had his first haircut on Friday! He looks like such a big boy all trimmed up!! I will post pictures in the next couple of days. We are looking forward to a busy vacation in San Diego but excited for warm weather! =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

First SNOW!

I look forward to the first snow EVERY year!!!! It must have been the many years in San Diego where snow was's just the most exciting thing! Especially this year as it was Aiden's first snow =) I went to work late just so that I could get him up and take some pictures of him in the snow!!! lol

He wasn't too sure what the cold, wet stuff was but he liked the idea of something new. So, here are some pictures of our house and street on Eugene's first snow day...

Nathan was the only one that had driven on the street that morning to make sure the roads were good for me to drive on. Yesterday, we had some wet weather which made a mess of the roads, but it wasn't too bad for my 1.7 mile drive to work. So, all in all, today was a fun morning for the Kunasek family on Aiden's first snow day!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost Christmas!!!!

So, as always, the Kunasek household is a little crazy. I remember when I was pregnant, I swore that it wouldn't be a problem to work full time and have a baby...I am finally ready to admit it...I WAS WRONG! Almost daily I wish that I could be at home being mommy rather than at work stressing myself out. I love my job, but it really sucks in the winter! Plus, Aiden is getting big so fast, I feel guily I am not there with him more often. The other night, Aiden cuddled with me before he fell asleep and I just layed there with him for about a half hour taking in how wonderful the moment was...he is such an adorable little guy!!! Notice the very adorable drool mark on my shirt too! hehehe

So, to update you on our holidays, Thanksgiving was very good. It was the first Thanksgiving with Nathan's brother home (he recently completed his many hard years serving in the Army). We were very happy to have him there. We are getting very excited for Christmas too!! We have our tree up and even lights outside this year! Aiden has been very good at staying out of the tree...except for the occational infatuation with his presents that are under it.

We are looking forward to our trip to California in a couple weeks! I am excited for Aiden to see all of his family for his first x-mas =)
Aiden is trying so hard to pull up on things...he does really well when he holds your hands and will stand very well in his crib while holding on, but isn't quite at the point to get himself all the way up yet. I will admit that I am very eager to see him start cruising around!! It's just so fun to see him grow everyday!!!
Ok, better get back to work...I will update again soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November already?!?!?!

It is amazing to me to think that Aiden is almost 8 months old already. I remember before he was born that I was SO excited that he was going to be 9 months during x-mas which would mean that he would be so animated and excited rather than too old to really care. And now that is only a month or so away which just means that his 1st birthday is around the corner! He is truely growing faster than I thought was possible. He enjoyed his first trip to the pumpkin patch although he had just woke up from a nap and was somewhat unimpressed with anything but the dirt =)

Yes, in the last picture above, he successfully got a corn kernel in his mouth...hehehe!
He now has three teeth and one very close to coming through the gums. He is crawling too! It's an army crawl but he is getting places and having fun doing it. He loves cherrios and is doing very good with his sippy cup. We are gearing up for our trip to San Diego for x-mas in about a month too. This will be Aiden's second plane trip but I am sure it will be much different this time then last, as he was only 2 months old last time and slept the whole trip!
But we are VERY excited to see family and friends when we go will be here before we know it too!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It is amazing how quick the time is going by!!! Aiden is almost 6 1/2 months old, CRAZY! At his 6 month check up, he was 17 lbs. A healthy little man he is. He has been sitting up on his own except for the occational tip over. We have been giving him a sippy cup during dinner which he isn't quite sure what to do with other than chew on. I recently bought a new camera which should allow me to take better pictures and they are easier to upload also so hopefully there will be more frequent updates.

He has been eating like a pig too...the recommended amounts that I have heard are too small for him without a bottle. He has seemed to enjoy all veggies over fruits. He acts like the fruits are sour or something but veggies he isn't affected by. The best part about him getting older is that his needs are more obvious. We are working on signing with him, just the basics, but when the little one is tired, it is clear =)

And he is such a happy baby that LOVES playing!!! He also only chews on his binky. He was never a binky kid but now that he can hold on to it good, he loves to chew on them.

As for us parents, life has been busy. Just working at getting the house completed (after all of the upgrades) and stay sane =) We are enjoying being parents more than ANYTHING!! We are excited for all the upcoming, we are planning a trip to San Diego which will be a blast!!!
That's all for now. I will keep everyone posted =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank you...

I just thought I would drop a quick note to thank all of the people who fight for our freedom everyday, as well as the many who died on 9/11. As a firefighters wife, I am daily reminded of how short life is and am so glad to live in this wonderful country!

On a less serious note, thinks have been very busy at the Kunasek house. Between Nathan's work schedule (lots of OT during the summers), my work schedule, my softball games, Nathan's family, and an active growing baby, things can get it is time to take a break. This weekend, we are going CAMPING! This will be Aiden's second camping trip and we are very excited!! With everything so crazy, we don't get to enjoy being a family too often. The weather is supposed to be awesome...I will update with pictures when we get back.

Aiden has discovered that he enjoys eating feet! Anytime he gets his hands on them, in the mouth they go. I was also able to get a pretty good picture of his teeth.
So, I will be back next week with some more pictures to share...hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LONG weekend

So, it was just me and Aiden for my 3 day Labor Day holiday weekend...and as luck would have it, it wasn't as much relaxing as I would have wished. Aiden FINALLY got his first tooth! It seems like he has been working on it for months, but it has finally come in. Of course, that just meant an abnormally fussy baby for the entire weekend. I saw that the first tooth had broken the gums on Friday, had a day of normal Aiden, then the next one started it's journey to the outside. The second finally broke the gums yesterday and he couldn't be happier! Even though he was a bit more of a handful, he was such a trooper and the process really wasn't bad.

Today, Nathan called me at work with an emergency...but he is a boy and I know better then anyone that his "emergency" wasn't nearly important as he made it sound. So, when I got a moment at work, I called home. Sure enough, it wasn't an emergency after all. Aiden has started eating solids which have helped with the hard stools he has had from his formula (I am sure you can see where this is going...) and Daddy doesn't put diapers on as tight as Mommy (you really know now!) and poor little Aiden pooped all up his back! =) I really wish that pictures could have been taken of Nathan's face as I KNOW he was at a loss of what to do!!!! HAHA

Sorry no pictures this time. I will work on getting some new shots up soon! Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aiden is 5 months! I know I said that I would keep this up. I know I am a slacker! But so much has been going on. Aiden is 5 months old and has quite a little personallity. He is eating food now which has been quite an adventure. I am still set that he will be a swimmer, track runner, or a soccer player because his legs NEVER stop kicking!!!! He is trying really hard to crawl...he will put his head down and pull his legs in and push forward. He doesn't get far but he is sure trying! We got pictures taken for his 4 months. The photographer thought he was such a doll!!!

He LOVES playing in his jumper and flying HAHA.

He is doing really good at sitting up by himself. He is just working on the balance from side to side and not getting so excited that he throws himself backwards! Aiden also LOVES bath time...he could be fussy and as soon as he hits that water, he is an angel!

Otherwise, we are just keeping busy and enjoying the last few weeks of summer before the cold weather comes. Nathan's brother, Brian, is heading home from Alaska. He has been in the Army and has served his time and ready to come home. We are both very excited for Aiden to meet his uncle. We hope to get a couple of camping trips in before the end of the summer with the whole family =) That's all for now...I will be sure to update again soon!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost July?!?!

I can't believe where the time has gone...Aiden is already 3 months old and is getting soooo big!! He has been sleeping through the night (well from around 9 or 10 to 5 or 6) for quite some time and is now sleeping in his own room, much to Nathan's dismay. He is not much of a napper during the day though. I am hoping that when he starts crawling, that he will wear himself out and take naps HAHA!

Life for myself is very busy. I am working 32+ hours a week as well as playing on a co-ed softball team for the summer. So far we haven't won a game, but we are having lots of fun =) We took Aiden on his first camping trip last weekend as well as a 7 mile hike. He is such a little trooper and was so well behaved.

Well, it's getting late and the munchkin is in bed, I better go spend some quite time with the hubby.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our first...

Well, here is the first blog of many I hope. I am looking forward to documenting all of our wonderful family adventures to share with friends and family (I am so bad at keeping in touch so lets cross our fingers that this works!)