Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas morning!

So much fun and craziness, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. A few didn't turn out good so some of the presents sent up from family members didn't get taken but I really tried to get one for everyone...I think I am only missing Gpa Jackie and Mimi's gift to Aiden =-(
Note: the big boxes were an extra special Santa drop he made on his way to back to the North Pole =-) Aiden was amazed and kept looking at the sky trying to see his sleigh HAHA

Night before Christmas...

We had creatures stirring but just these cute little munchkins =-) I know I am their mom and will always think they are the best, but every day I am so thankful for these two incredible little beings and all the joy they bring to our lives. It's crazy to see pictures from last year when Madison was barely crawling during Christmas to this year with her running everywhere and sitting at the table like such a big girl. And Aiden writing letters to Santa that include letters and pictures (not just scribbles). Such a proud mommy I am!

Christmas pics - letter to Santa

Aiden sat with Madison and drew/wrote a letter to Santa. It was so fun to hear him explain his drawing and what everything meant...I will try to explain what is what:

The bottom left has a red drawing. That is the talking toy for Madison and of course the "M" he wrote so Santa knew that was for her.

Most of the other red drawings (the one's that look like rectangles with mountains) would be the fire engines Aiden asked Santa for. The mountain looking parts are the sirens. And he wrote a few "A"s also for Santa.

Madison contributed the blue scribbles to add her personal touch =-) After Santa came, he wrote the kiddos a little note on the back saying Merry Christmas which Aiden thought was the best ever!

Christmas Pics - makin cookies

We made cookies for Santa this year...Aiden insisted we had to put an "A" and "M" on them so Santa would know he was at Aiden and Madison's house =-) We did come to the conclusion that I am the WORST cookie maker! Not so much the taste (although it's a good thing we have strong teeth hehe) but mostly I can't make any of the shapes actually look like the shape. So round cookies we did but Aiden had a blast regardless! Madison spent cookie making time coloring which has become her new favorite thing to do.
PS - they had just gotten out of the bath which is why they don't have clothes on...just in case you were worried ;-)