Sunday, April 12, 2009

No fun here

Aiden has officially been sick...and apparently he wasn't going to be nice about it. On Monday afternoon, Aiden started vomiting. It was quite a bit in a short time, so we decided to take him to the doctors just in case. They ran some blood tests and gave us directions then sent us home. He was able to keep down fluids for the rest of the evening (very little amount) and at 10pm that night, the doctor called and instructed us to wake him up and take him to the ER...he was concerned that Aiden might have appedicites. After about 5 hours in the ER, we came home. Everything appeared normal. Nathan and I both were home with him on Tuesday and he seemed fine. Kept food and fluids down throughout the day. Wednesday comes along, and we are back to square one. Through the day Wednesday and Thursday, we battled through vomit and diarehea. By Friday, Aiden had got past that and is now just dealing with a cough (that he has now given to me!).

We do feel SO furtunate that we got through a year with no sicknesses, but it sure would have been nice if the first wasn't so scary! Otherwise, we are all doing well and have been enjoying some nice weather...FINALLY! =-) We even were able to take Aiden to the park a couple of times. This kid LOVES the slide! I swear we could spend hours just going down the slide! LOL

I will update again soon with park pictures =-)


Wammack Family said...

Sorry to hear that he was so sick. It is so sad when the little ones feel so bad.